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So You Are Homeschooling Now!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Some thoughts to those who might not have been prepared for this particular phase of life! If you are like me, my kids (except my youngest whose 3) all went off to school each morning and I helped with homework and projects but didn’t have the everyday job of teaching them. Then, almost overnight, I’m thrown into a role that I wasn’t exactly prepared for... homeschool! What to do now?? I’m an organizer by nature, and function better mentally and physically with organization and a plan! You may not be like me and that’s ok! Do what works for you! That’s the beauty of all this!! Here are a few things that have helped me...

Get an organizational plan.

When everything has a place, it helps the kids to know exactly where things are and where they should be put away (instead of every morning kids scrambling  to find what they need... we’ve all been there!!) It doesn’t have to be fancy! Use what you have! Repurpose things like baskets, bins, containers, etc. I like to label things (it’s just my personality) , but I do find it helps with the organization aspect! My daughter reminded me that I had just put these drawers/shelving in my attic so I brought them down, slapped some labels on them and BOOM... school storage! Nothing fancy but it works!

Realize it’s not going to be perfect.

This is a big one for me because I like a schedule, plan, organization, etc, but I have 7 kids at all different stages of life, so I have to understand it’s NOT going to be perfect! I’m attempting to get 6 kids to complete their schooling while also having a 3 year old that just wants to play all day since all her “play friends” (siblings) are home now! Do your best and breathe deep! It’s going to be ok!

Make it fun!

Understand your kids have just been thrown for a loop too! This is all a little unsettling for them, even the older ones. I already had one of my children tell me this all just makes him feel weird! I think he was trying to explain that it is all a little scary because it’s different. Be understanding! I do think it’s important to do your best to make sure they accomplish what they need to for school but add fun things into their day! Make a craft, do a project, cook together, build something, take a walk, play play-doh, sing together, pray together! There are so many things we can do to make this time together fun!! Ex. I started a prayer journal with my kids and we’re writing down our prayer requests and praying together for those specific needs!

Make a daily routine schedule.

Believe it or not, kids like and appreciate a schedule! They do well when they know what to expect! Have a schedule but be flexible within that schedule knowing that you are also doing life with everyone home so there’s going to be “hiccups” in your day/schedule and that’s OK! I like, at least knowing,I started with a schedule and a plan.


I told my kids this was their PE time and everyone does an exercise video! Older kids are downstairs with a tougher video and younger kids are upstairs with a kids exercise video! It’s so much fun! Join them!! It’ll be fun and good for you!!(I’m talking to myself too here!!)

Utilize the internet!

There’s fun workout videos for younger and older kids, great documentaries for history, science experiments that they can watch, cooking shows, videos to learn an instrument, etc! We have so much at our fingertips so let’s use it!! How great is that!!

These are a few things that I have personally utilized now that I have found myself in this situation (which I actually love..BTW). I, by no means, have all the answers or even claim to know exactly what I’m doing! But, I am trying to figure it out and thought there might be others just like me who are just trying to do their best! We can do this!! Do what works best for you and if some of these tips help you, then GREAT!! I hope your homeschooling journey (however long it may be) is a great memory for you and your kids!! These days are one for the books, that’s for sure!!

~The Organized Super Mom

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Good, common sense tips! Been homeschooling for a long time, but I'm still learning as the family dynamics change over the years. Best wishes!

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